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Few people in world history have been so important that their names have lived on for centuries. How many events are of such significance that they are commemorated every year by tens of millions? What does it say when people are prepared to risk their lives to be able to take part in such acts of remembrance? such a person was Hussain, the grandson of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. The event was the terrible massacre in 680 when he was killed along with seventy-two companions. Yet this event is thought of as a victory. a victory for justice and truth. A victory to show that the purity of the message brought by the Qur’an and given to Muhammad must be defended at all costs and not defiled by those not worthy of it. something had gone horribly wrong in the early Muslim community. Here was the grandson of the Prophet being killed by those who claimed to lead that community, not even fifty years after Muhammad’s death. How could such a catastrophe happen? as the grandson of Muhammad, who had been loved by his grandfather, who always wanted to have him nearby, all Muslims have great love and respect for Hussain. His killing is not a  sectarian issue: one group of pious Muslims against another. it was the action of corrupt, tyrannical individuals who had captured the leadership of the Muslim  community. Muslims, both Sunni and Shi’a, find that many of the leaders of this Umayyad dynasty, which ruled the Muslims from 661 to 750, were unworthy of that  office and were far away from the ideals and practices of Islam as taught by the Qur’an and Muhammad.


Hussain and Struggle for the Justice

The epic story of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad re-told
by a Christian theologian Dr. Chris Hewer

About the Author
With a background in Christian theology, Islamic studies, education, and interfaith dialogue, the author of Hussain and the Struggle for Justice has for many years engaged with Muslims in the United Kingdom and around the world.
a leading figure in Christian–Muslim relations in his home country since 1986, Dr. Chris Hewer first worked at the Centre for the Study of Islam and Christian–Muslim relations in Birmingham and then from 1999 to 2005 as the adviser on inter-faith relations to the Bishop of Birmingham. from 2006 to 2010, Dr. Hewer was the St Ethelburga fellow in  Christian–Muslim relations in London, connecting with a wide audience through the provision of adult popular education courses, study days, and public talks. He is currently involved in teaching, producing resource material, and writing.

Publisher’s Preface
in the name of god, the compassionate, Merciful imam Hussain is an important figure in the history of Islam who has had a positive impact on Muslims over many centuries. The tragic martyrdom of the imam has always been a strong source of inspiration for Muslims wherever they faced tyranny and oppression. it is one of the reasons, for example, why devout Muslims invoke blessings of peace upon Hussain on every mention of his name. The annual commemoration of the selfless sacrifice of Imam Hussain
has spurred many Muslims to explore the wisdom of their faith and to live a life that accords with the noble tenets of Islam. it is important, therefore, to try to understand what Imam Hussain did throughout his life to maintain a true understanding of the faith established by his grandfather, the Prophet Muhammad. A point came in the life of Imam Hussain where he found himself unable to obey the political ruler of his day, Yazid b. Mu’awiya was an unjust and profligate person who openly flouted the teachings of  Islam and the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad. While Yazid presented himself as the caliph of the Islamic nation, his careless and immoral lifestyle was considered by
many to make him unfit for leadership. It was Yazid who held power over the Islamic territories at the time of the Battle of Karbala in which Imam Hussain and seventy-two of his companions were brutally killed with the accompanying women and children taken captive. Many Muslim scholars have attempted to answer ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’  questions pertaining to the life of Imam Hussain. non-Muslims have also over the centuries endeavoured to discover the meaning of Imam Hussain’s life and death.  Nevertheless, there remains a shortage of insightful perspectives written in English on the beacon of humanity that is Imam Hussain. To address this issue the contemporary
Thoughts Press cooperated with Dr. Chris Hewer to write a book about Imam Hussain. Dr. Hewer has extensive experience engaging with Muslims and has shown great interest in Imam Hussain’s intellectual and moral heritage. I hope that the current book will help readers to appreciate Imam Hussain and to become better acquainted with not just his deeds and actions but also his spirit.
H.I.W.M. Seyed Hashem Moosavi
Director of the Contemporary Thoughts Press

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Christian theologian Dr. Chris Hewer

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  1. Ahmad

    An excellent book about Imam Hussein (AS) and his legacy. A great outsider look at how Imam Hussein sacrifices himself to serve the humanity.

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